Sunday Morning

     My proper name is Laura, but quite recently I realized that it is made up of the word aura, which refers to the subtle energetic body of humans. The chakra system is made up of the auras throughout the body. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, and therefore of auras. I found this so interesting because I never before took much of a liking to my given name. Everybody thinks my name is Lauren and I don’t blame them, because that’s a far more common name. Mine, on the other hand, sounds better suited for an older woman. For now, I like Aura better because I have the power to create my own identity, my own unique experience of reality.

     So here I’ve decided to create a sanctuary to express myself and my ideas. I plan to use this blog to write about all of the things that I am passionate about, document my experience, connect with others, and create a tribe of like-minded people.

     You can expect to see posts about what I love, including raw vegan food, yoga, travel, astrology, meditation, spirituality, hoop dancing, and all things consciousness expanding. That is the goal, mind expansion and universal awareness. In addition, I will soon be embarking on an amazing journey to Melbourne, Australia, to study abroad for a semester. My goals during this time are to be wide open to love and new experiences, to meet new people, to grow, evolve, and become more self-reliant. I hope to post lots of pictures and unfiltered thoughts! Let’s go on this journey…welcome to the Now Age.


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