It’s been over two months since I settled in Melbourne, Australia to commence a semester at Monash Uni. Reflecting on my time here, it has been quite lovely all around. I feel expansive. I am listening to my heart, allowing myself to seek truth and clarity about what I am doing here and what I want in life. There is space to evolve, along with newness and excitement for each day. The energies present in my life lately are positive, loving, and expansive. I feel focused and open to divine guidance. I am getting lucid downloads to guide me on my path. All I know is that I will be far better off if I focus on more of what I want instead of what I don’t want.

     To that end, the following is a list of positive things in my life that I am consciously working to expand:

     yoga and meditation practice, eating more hi-vibe raw fruits & veggies, eating vegan, exercising, getting up at 6 am to practice, getting adequate sleep (See: Sleep is a spiritual practice), slowing down, being still and silent, listening to my heart instead of my mind or ego, observing my thoughts instead of identifying myself with them, choosing experiences that push me outside of my perceived comfort zone, focusing on love and miracles, being open to experiences rather than judging them, lucid dreaming, awareness of both the physical and energetic bodies, deep relaxation, traveling, volunteering, writing, and finally, exploring my life and my heart with total mindfulness in each moment.


Om Garden at Mangrove Yoga Ashram.


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