Tea time reflections.

     Today my long hair smells like sweet vanilla and I sip fragrant green tea with hints of mango and strawberry. My body feels warm and open, empty of the past, fully in the now, ready to be a vessel for the Universe to fill with its love, guidance, and lucid truth. I must attribute this to my ever evolving yoga practice, in particular to the practice of backbends like full wheel, which physically and energetically make space in the body, especially in the chest and heartspace. The physical practice of yoga is just one way to expand, connect with spirit, and empty the mind of old thoughts. Yoga is a powerful means to release what no longer serves my greatest good, highest evolution. Yoga is to surrender to the present moment. To be in the present moment is to be here now, fully, in each cell of one’s being. That is, to feel it rather than to know it intellectually. To hold awareness of how the body, mind, and breath feel. To not be thinking about the past or future tripping, but to accept the current situation, whatever it may be. Awareness is contentment, bliss, and connection to the Now.


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