Seek the Magical Playground of Your Dream State

     Each night, the infinite power and creativity of the mind takes the spirit to wondrous places in the dream world. One’s colorful, vivid dream world can be as real and conscious as the waking state. Clarity in the dreamscape can be enhanced by the practice of meditation and mindfulness in daily life because it contributes to enhanced awareness of oneself and one’s true spiritual nature. As heightened levels of consciousness emerge, hidden thoughts, feelings, and emotions come to the surface, including the troubling ones we would rather leave in the depths of our psyche. The mind is incredibly powerful, yet it must learn to be controlled in order to release fearful ingrained thought patterns and promote awareness. When awareness is practiced in each moment, our lives begin to shift toward being in alignment with our most authentic spiritual nature. As the mind becomes more controlled, space emerges to become more aware in daily life, and by extension, in one’s dream world. This is a practice to becoming more aware in your nightly dreams.

     The first step to having vivid, conscious dreams is to become more conscious in your day to day life by monitoring your thoughts. Check in with yourself daily, hourly. Wait. Stop. Take several long, deep breaths to clear space in your mind, and ask yourself, how am I feeling? What are my thoughts in this moment? How do they make me feel? How can I shift my thoughts to be more positive and loving, no matter the situation? Are my thoughts distracting me from the present moment?

     In the present, you have more power than you realize because you choose your thoughts, and thereby in each moment, you are constructing the perception of your reality. There are no limits in the present moment. You have the power to choose what you want your world to be like, both in the waking and dreaming realms, although in the dream world, you are not limited by the laws of physical reality. Take note if there are any negative or fearful thoughts and know that is perfectly okay. Just be where you at, right now, with complete acceptance and non-judgement. Surrender to whatever thoughts arise and make the conscious decision to shift into alignment with your authentic self. As your practice of daily mindfulness and acceptance grows, it will naturally translate into your dream state.

     Bring your day to day consciousness practice to your dream world by choosing to remember your nightly dreams. Try to say affirmations to yourself before going to sleep, such as, I will have vivid dreams tonight and I will remember my dreams easily upon waking. Practice bringing your awareness here and see what happens. Perhaps you will discover that you can remember your dreams with greater ease or you are more conscious during your dreams. Dream recall is an essential precursor to being more aware during dreams and enhancing your ability to lucid dream, in which you are conscious that you are in the dream state. Lucid dreaming makes it possible to explore the beautiful inner playground of your subconscious mind. Another trick to bringing more consciousness to your sleeping state is to check in with yourself, by asking, am I awake right now? Am I dreaming right now? Above all, keep a still, open mind and explore mindfulness in both your waking and dreaming realities. See what bubbles up.

For more information about lucid dreaming, go to World of Lucid Dreaming.

Love, light, and lucid dreams.


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