Inspired by Intuition.

     Trying to get out of my logical, rational mind and into my heart space is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am redoing years of programming, clearing and releasing outdated thought patterns that no longer serve my highest purpose. My heart is telling me, Trust. Believe, believe believe. Listen and take guided action.

     Intuition is connected to the heart. It does not reason with the intellect, it is guided by spirit and love. I have always been amazed by my mother’s uncanny ability to connect with her intuition, to know things about me that I never said, that she could never have known rationally. She always knew when I was lying, or if the people I was surrounding myself with were not positive influences. Like her, I want to be more connected to my intuition instead of being bound by the mind, which changes constantly. Listening to the heart means getting still and silent. Receiving truth and clarity. Shining a light on fear and delusions in order to choose love. It is going inward rather than outward, and tuning into the subtle energies that say, yes this is the way, or no, that doesn’t feel in alignment with my truth. Above all, intuition is acting from the heart by staying connected to the present moment and its infinite, limitless possibilities.

     My intuition is guiding me to the perfect situations for me, the exact experiences I need to evolve, and the people I need to meet to guide and inspire me. I trust that I am connected to my heart space, even if my mind tries to rationalize everything or bring fearful thoughts to the surface. I accept them, observe them, and move on, aligning with the present and the lucidity of truth. Today I was divinely guided to take an action toward manifesting my dream of traveling to Bali. I booked my flight ticket and I am not turning back. I want to travel to Bali and be guided by the heart the entire time. In every moment, I choose to align with my heart and authentic truth.

This post was inspired by a life of perfect days.


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