Manifesting dreams in Divine time.

     It is not easy to get clear about what I want in life. I know I deserve to be happy, now, but I want to feel it with my heart, to realize happiness, fully, actually. I am weeding a garden, the garden of my mind, and each plant I pluck from the Earth is an outdated, fearful thought pattern that is holding me back. They are plentiful, but it is no use analyzing them or wondering how they got there. It is enough to shine light on the fear-based thoughts, accept that they no longer serve my highest good, and thereby release them. The stories I tell myself are just blocks, holding me back from stepping into my inner power and fully realizing my creative, loving potential. I deserve to feel comfortable with who I am, all the time, to respect, love, and honor myself. Judging myself and others has gotten me nowhere. It’s only kept me closed off, preventing me from speaking my truth. Clarity is key. It is time to find my voice, to connect with others, and share my love. To help others and myself be happy, now. Trusting that I will be guided to where I need to be, in Divine time. Believe. Believe. Believe.

     And I will leave you with this, a quote from “Tribes” by Seth Godin.
“Change isn’t made by asking permission. Change is made by asking forgiveness, later.”




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