The World is a Mirror.

     Last night I had the pleasure of attending a workshop called “Introduction to Witchcraft: Green Spirituality  and Witchy Ethics.” I wandered around Chapel Street for a bit, then ducked into a opening off a side street where the workshop was being held, in Fey’s apartment. I was guided up three flights of stairs until I found a sign on a door, “Welcome Sisters! Join us upstairs…” The evening was lovely, we sat in a circle, with sweet candles burning and the lights dimmed as one of the ladies gave the talk. Throughout the night I could see a pentagram lit up by candle light being reflected in the apartment window opposite  me. A light in the television flickered, then moments later thunder and rain rumbled outside.

     It doesn’t matter whether you call it magic, miracles, or the law of attraction. It’s all the same, no matter what word is used. The Universe is abundant and each of us is the center of our own universe. Everything radiates and emanates from the center. Therefore, I am beginning to awaken to the truth that I have the power to choose my thoughts, words, and actions in each moment, in any situation. I can make the conscious choice to be here, now, to be aware of my inner dialogue, and to realize when I am being negative. This is how self-empowerment manifests, by choosing to send only love and positivity into the Universe, and it will send it back, in unfathomable ways.

     I choose to believe that I am a powerful co-creator, that the Universe will provide everything I need in Divine time. I don’t need to worry about how or when, for that would only serve to interfere in the flow of grace and love. Another thing I learned during the talk was that “Spells are most effective on oneself.” The word spell can be used, and it can be interchanged with affirmations, prayers, wishes, or manifestations. Again, the specific word doesn’t matter, only the energy and intention behind it. I took this to mean that whatever I want to get out of life, it can be obtained by looking at my own thoughts, actions, and intentions. I can choose to see any situation as an opportunity or an obstacle. It is all in my perception, and perceptions can be consciously shifted toward truth. The world is a mirror, so if I live with positivity, love, and compassion, that will undoubtedly be reflected in my outer world in the earthly plane and in my inner world.

     Throughout the workshop, I realized that spiritual teachings are interconnected in all ways. Witchcraft, yoga, astrology, Buddhism, The Secret, or whatever philosophy or path you choose to take, it will lead to love and truth.



     Also, as a side note, the pentagram is a representation of the transit of Venus. On June 5-6 2012, Venus will transit the face of the sun.


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