Align with Love.

     There is always a choice, to choose to see love over fear in every situation. To see an opportunity or an impenetrable obstacle. To align with abundance or lack. To step outside of your comfort zone, open your heart, and share your love unconditionally with others, or to stay within the limits by which you’ve lived, controlled by fear.

     Choose to shine a light on all areas of your life in which you are living out of alignment with love. For me, the place where I am still limited by my past and fears are in my relationships with others. There is a part of me that does not feel worthy of authentic relationships with others, often closing myself off emotionally instead of allowing people to get to know me. My defense mechanism is being distant and aloof, and just not caring enough to include myself in the lives of people that I find exciting. I would ignore the fuck out of people instead of telling them how I really felt in order to keep myself alone and prevent myself from getting to know others. I have limited myself in many ways in this regard, likely missing out on some pretty awesome friendships and allowing some of them to wither away. 

     That is the first step to changing your mind, to literally call yourself out on your shit. So that is where I am now. That is how I’ve lived and treated others for years upon years. It’s gotten me nowhere. It’s not fun to look around and realize that I’ve let some awesome friendships lay to waste by isolating myself, and dimming my own light. I hereby assert that I am ready for a change. I deserve to feel happy, to be surrounded by loving goddesses who are taking action to make the world a better place. I deserve to be fully confident in who I am now, exactly where I am, and to be strong enough to share who I am with everybody, no matter what. And they can take it or leave it. I want to change myself and help others to take back their power, to take responsibility for their happiness. I align with love.

     The next step to changing your life, once you’ve changed your mind, is to activate some discrete steps of action that you will take in order to solidify the change in your life. For me, I will take action by choosing to connect authentically with others and making an effort to get to know people. I will release my self-conscious fearful thought patterns because they no longer serve me. There is a choice to smile more. Laugh more. Release the wall and open my heart to love, to share my love with the world. To radiate love and light as brightly as the sun. To fully align with love. The choice is mine.



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