Radical Self Love

     Radical Self-love is a term coined by the brilliant Gala Darling to describe the concept of being smitten with yourself, of treating yourself like a goddess and loving yourself fully and unapologetically. Radical Self-love can be crazy or even scary, just look to those days where one inevitably feels like loathing in negative ego thoughts or eating crap, sugar-filled foods, instead of nourishing the body with love, positivity, veggies, hydration, and exercise. It certainly happens to me, but the idea of Radical Self Love is one to be focused on daily. I practice Radical Self Love by keeping a notebook and filling it with positive affirmations, intentions, ideas, inspirations, and Divinely guided action plans. This notebook is a powerful and transformative tool because I refer to it often and fill it with new ideas frequently. If I ever feel horrible about myself or begin to wallow in self-doubt and pity, I open one of the pages and remind myself of my truth, of my Divine nature, of the unlimited love, abundance, and inner power I possess.

     I began writing about Radical Self Love last summer, when I took a spiritual journey of sorts sitting in my quiet garden in New Jersey. I would go outside, get still, get silent, and listen to the sounds of insects buzzing about, of birds singing their sweet songs, and the quiet whispers of the lush plants. It was here that I meditated each day, and read books about self improvement, Buddhism, spirituality, psychic intuitives, astrology, and everything I could get my hands on. I recommend Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life,” or any of his other works. I also took yoga classes nearly every day and volunteered to clean the yoga studio afterward. This was my spiritual summer camp, and I took this time to get grounded and clear about what I wanted. Time well spent. Radical Self Love is not easy. It demands devotion, practice, and getting yourself back on track. No matter what happens, there is always a choice to choose to love and accept yourself fully or align with fear and negativity.

How do you practice Radical Self Love? Inspired by Gala Darling.



  1. Radical Self Love is such a lovely subject to talk about but I have to admit it’s not always that simple to practice what I preach. Ten years ago I was confronted with a severe cancer and it changed my whole life, my whole vision on what’s important and irrelevant in life. Radical Self Love started -amazingly- with a serious cleanup of my ‘friends’. As a result I got more time to spend for the stuff that matters.

  2. True it is so hard to walk your talk. It is amazing how something like cancer can change your entire outlook on life. I went through a similar transition when I hit a rock bottom and a dead end in my life, and did not feel like I was on the right path. Like you I had to take a close look at my life by letting go of the people in my life who were not really my true friends, and who were not serving my highest growth. Then I shifted to being in alignment with the things in my life that helped me to love myself more! Radical Self love and the other topics I write about act as reminders for me to remain focused on what matters. Sending the love.

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