The Zap Zone: Align with Truth and Evolve

     This month in the starry skies, many astrological events are taking place. Whether you follow astrology or not, you will likely feel the shifting energies in your own life because the world is experiencing these shifts together. Mystic Medusa is one of my favorite bloggers. She writes a witty, smart astrology blog. She calls this time the Zap Zone. Specifically, it is Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn, directly squaring on June 24, 2012. Mystic Medusa states, “Pluto in Capricorn is already about a global transformation of corrupt or no longer viable business, power and money structures. Uranus is the catalyst for this process. Get that the going is going to get weirder – not ‘back to normal soon.’ This IS the new norm.”
     When planets square each other, their energies are intensified and when two major outer planets like these align, it means major worldwide shifts. Our current time is one of expansion, both on a global and individual level, as well as a shift in politics, economics, and the way we see the world. The next several years are going to be a time of dramatic shifts in all areas of life. We cannot expect the world to remain in its present condition, nor can we cling on to dying industries that do not serve the development of the world. In the news, there are daily stories that conjure up fear, government corruption, poverty, and inequality. This is the time to change all the ideas we thought about what the world is, and take responsibility for our place within it in order to create an Earth that is in alignment with love, peace, and truth.

     On a personal level, the Zap Zone is a call for everyone to evolve and align with one’s authentic truth. To get clear about who we are on a fundamental spiritual level in order to more fully embrace our Higher selves in order to serve others. It is our duty to work out our own personal demons, the shadow side of ourselves, so that we can more effectively help others during this time of expansion and transition. Mystic Medusa also advises to go with the flow of life, get out of debt now, and make the shift to be more authentically ourselves. She states, “Innovation is the new comfort zone.”

The Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, and so are you. This is your wake up call to believe. Love more. Trust. Listen to your inner wisdom and guidance.


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