Manifesting Magic in the Physical Plane of Reality.

     I have seen it happen countless times, over and over again in my personal experience. When I choose to focus on positivity, love, peace, and abundance, more of that flows to me with ease. The more I choose to follow my heart, take risks, and leave behind negative thought patterns, the more I am guided to beautiful experiences, people, and lessons to guide me on my path. It is no mistake. There is a reason that the Universe is reflecting back to me more love and abundance than ever. It is because I have made the conscious choice to raise my vibration and align with love rather than fear. This is because the Universe is a mirror and the physical world merely reflects one’s internal state of being. Therefore, one can choose to see life through the lens of doubt, negativity and fear, or through the outlet of peace, opportunity, and Divine guidance.


     For me, the shift came after I evaluated my life, choosing to take a close look at the things I was doing and the people I was surrounding myself with. My life was characterized by a perpetual state of unease, discontent, inner turmoil, and unhappiness. I decided I was not living in alignment with my greater power, the way I was meant to live. I chose to give up excessive partying, materialism, fake friends, drugs, drinks, and all of the mess that comes along with it. I effectively made space in my life to replace with things that were in alignment with my inner wisdom, such as yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, and a healthy vegetarian diet. I chose to do more of what makes my spirit light up, like hoop dancing, travel, self-expression, and reading.

     When I made that shift, my life blossomed. It blew up like a thousand colorful fireworks. For the first time in a long time, I felt excited to wake up in the morning, to pursue those things that truly make me happy, and to no longer have to hide who I am. I finally wanted to be me rather than somebody else. I am now living in full alignment with my truth, and there is no need to apologize for who I am, or what I like. There is no longer that inner desire to make others happy, impress them, or seek their approval or recognition in any way. It does not matter because I no longer answer to them, but to my Higher Self. 

     All one needs to manifest magic in one’s world is to set the intention to love more, to be more peaceful, compassionate, and present in each moment. Magic is when you choose to love yourself radically and unapologetically. That is when the Universe will reflect the richness and beauty of your inner world in the physical reality.
Sending you love and magic. 



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