Say it with me now: I am in LOVE with my life.

     I was totally inspired by Kris Carr‘s newsletter. I love what she’s doing, being herself, being authentically in her power, overcoming percieved limitations (like a rare form of cancer), and creating an amazing, crazy sexy life. People like her guide me, like tiny lights on my path, reminding me of where I am going. Recently, she wrote about a radical idea: to look in the mirror and say “I am totally in love with my life!”

     Say it now, even if it feels weird. Even if you have to fake it. If you don’t believe it now, you will. Because, and here is another crazy idea, you have the power to create your life and embrace happiness, now. Like the sun, moon, planets, stars, and galaxies, you are constantly shifting and evolving. Energy is not stagnant. Therefore, you can shift your energy, simply with an intention.

     I had a thought, and it was, I deserve to be happy now. Not in the future sometime, not when I find a lover, not when my stomach is flat, not when I can do a handstand in my yoga practice, not when I have boatloads of money and a beautiful house. Now. When I first thought about this, I did not believe it. But I held the thought close, examined it, peered at it through the light of truth. I settled with the thought, and integrated it into my consciousness until I realized that it felt true, it felt in alignment with how I was living my life.

     Say it with me: I am in love with my life. I deserve to be happy, now.


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