Hoop Dancing – Flow and be a Flower.

     Recently, hula hooping and hoop dancing have taken on a whole new form, evolving from the 50’s era craze and the beloved, ubiquitous childhood toy. Hoopers, dancers, flow artists, and performers can be found in their backyard, the park, at music festivals, lazy summer picnics, and circus acts. In Baltimore, there is a lovely woman who brings a ton of hoops to the weekly farmer’s market and invites everybody to join in the fun. The plastic circle called a hula hoop conjures up images of little children happily throwing the toy around their waist. Today, it’s not only kids who are picking up the hoop.

     I was inspired to start hooping over a year ago, when I saw a beautiful, graceful hooper at a rave and I promised myself I would learn. I remember not being able to hula hoop when I was little. Maybe I just did not believe in myself enough to try, but this time, I trusted myself and gave it a go. I ordered an adult sized hula hoop on Etsy, with pretty sparkly tape in bright green, pink, and purple. From that day on, I picked up the hoop daily, playing my favorite music and practicing for hours on end. I watched YouTube videos of amazing hoopers and tutorials on hoop tricks. With these resources I taught myself, stumbling through the movements until I perfected them. When I discovered the joy and love of hooping, my life opened up in amazing ways.


     Hooping is graceful, blissful, energetic, sensual, and expressive. When I am in that sacred circle, I flow with life. I am in the now. When I am hooping, there is no place I can be other than the present moment. It is when I connect to my loving Inner Child, who wants nothing more than to play, laugh, and smile. Spinning, spinning, smiling at the sun. Playing in the park in summertime, barefeet, soaking up the healing energy of the earth. Flowing with grace, opening my heart, connecting with nature and my body’s unique sense of movement. Life is better when I am hooping because I am connected, engaging in an ecstatic dance and celebration of Universal Love. Hooping is this and so much more. I am so grateful I found this medium of self-expression that I can share with the world. 

Love, light, and hoops.


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