Waking Up with Clarity.

    Often the inner workings of the analytical mind keep us trapped and chained to old paradigms, feelings of fear, insecurity, or worry. The mind does this as a survival mechanism, to keep the “Ego” in power, that part of us that says I don’t deserve love and abundance or I am attached to this outcome, this idea of what will make me happy. Being inside the boundaries of the comfort zone may appear to be the safe choice, the logical choice, the only choice, but this is a grand illusion. Inside the comfort zone, things appear to stay the same. Yet in actuality, life is a dynamic flux, a constant and never-ending ebb and flow of coming and going, gain and loss, in which it is essential to practice Non-attachment. The emotions are always changing, situations are always shifting, and at times it may appear as if things are not going according to our plans. However, it is important to note that things are not unfolding on our time, but according to Universal time. Everything happens for a reason. Do not doubt that for an instant. Even the obstacles, the setbacks are there to guide us to a new opportunity. Perhaps the time is not right, but soon it will be. 


     To wake up with clarity is to be clear with oneself about all of the ways the mind seeks to keep us stuck within our imagined boundaries. Break down those ideas of who you are, or what you should be, or what your limits are, and open up to the flow of life. Polish the mind until it reflects truth, like a brilliant illuminating pane of crystal clear glass. Become clear about what it is that will truly bring the greatest joy and satisfaction in your life. Then, move in that direction, completely, fully, ambitiously. Hold that clear vision and take small steps toward manifesting it. Visualize it, and feel it as if it is true, now, with every cell of your being. How will it feel like when you finally accomplish your goal? What will you do? How will you acknowledge it? Believe. Believe. Believe. 




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