We all Shine On.

     This is your call to Shine On. To do more of what makes your spirit light up, what makes you smile and laugh, what makes you surrender to the infinite present moment in which you fail to notice the passage of time. For me, I am completely at ease when I’m in Downward Dog, upside down looking at my feet and breathing deeply, oxygenating my body fully with each inhale and exhale. Synchronizing the body and breath, flowing with life. Or when I am inside the sacred circle of a hula-hoop, spinning, spinning, flowing with life. There is absolutely nothing better. This is a reminder to myself and to you, to focus more on what makes you Shine. To leave behind all fears and limiting patterns of thought or behavior. To never doubt the path you are on, because all paths ultimately lead to the same place characterized by love, peace, truth, and Universal consciousness.


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