Connect to Infinite Joy, Passion, and Creativity.

     Being on the path of self-awareness, self-improvement, and happiness is not without obstacles, yet it is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. It is the practice of learning how to separate limiting thoughts, those ingrained in us from society or family, from the loving voice of our own hearts, that inner wisdom which affirms our true infinite potential, that we can achieve anything. As an Aries Sun, I am often impulsive and ready to try new things, but following them through is not my strong point. Other times, my Virgo Rising side is quick to negatively judge myself and keep me stuck in crippling fear. Devotion and dedication are important on this path, to not give up when the going gets tough or if the results are not happening as fast as we wish. 


     The mind is a powerful tool. It can help or hinder us on our path. We must get to know our own mind, its peculiar inner workings, its incessant flow of thoughts, often made up of fearful thoughts in a loop. When we become aware of how the mind works, through meditation and reflection, we can decide if the mind is working for us or against us in any given moment. Then, we are in a powerful position, in which we can embrace the power to choose the trajectory of the mind. One way to do this is to first observe a negative thought, notice if it brings up any emotion, then repeat the opposite of that thought, or choose a different thought that is loving and positive. It is a way to stop the mind in its tracks, and forge a new path. In essence, when you engage in this practice, you are creating new neural pathways in the brain, new ways of thinking. At first it will be hard, as if you are forging a new trail in a dense forest. But with each positive thought, the trail will become clearer and easier to see. In time, the positive, loving pathway will be created. 

     By shifting our thoughts from the negative and fearful, to the positive and loving, we are creating brand new ways of thinking. It is a practice, and it must be done with consistency to achieve the result. The key is to trust our inner wisdom, which affirms that we are infinitely joyful, passionate, and creative beings. At times, we may slip back into conditioned patterns of thought that no longer serve us or where we are going. When that happens, shift these thoughts back into alignment with love and forgive yourself. No matter how many times you shift your thoughts back to love, be gentle and patient with yourself. It takes time and devotion to change ingrained patterns of thought. When the mind is clear, it reflects truth and love, and our true nature, which is infinite bliss, passion, and creativity. Our external reality will always reflect the condition of the mind. Keep going. Believe. Believe. Believe.

For more loving inspiration, watch You are Pure Creative Potential.


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