Breathe Deep and Meditate.

     Meditation is a powerful tool to reconnect with your truth, authenticity, love, and power. It is all about returning to the present moment, the now, the realm of infinite possibility. This is achieved by calming and relaxing the body, and connecting with the flow of the breath, the subtle, gentle flow of the inhale and the exhale. This cycle is seamlessly connected and continuous. It is our constant reminder to be in the present moment. A few minutes of conscious deep breathing allows the thoughts to slow and relaxes the entire being. I highly urge everybody to give meditation a go, as I have seen the numerous benefits of the practice in my own life, and I have only been practicing for a year. It was not an overnight fix, I assure you that. Each time I sit down to meditate, the practice gets stronger. Each time I make the choice to breathe deeply and release the stream of thoughts in the mind, I feel more connected and at peace within my being.

     Meditation has many benefits, physically, mentally, emotionally, and at the subtle energetic level. Physically, meditation is calming and relaxing. It balances the entire being, and allows one to become the master of the mind. There are also recent scientific studies which support the idea that meditation positively changes the brain. Meditation offers focus, concentration, and the ability to remain in the present moment rather than to be dominated by imagined past and future scenarios. There are many different techniques of meditation. One of the simplest is to sit or lie comfortably and bring your focus to the flow of breath. When I first began meditating, I would count each inhale and exhale up to ten to concentrate. The point is not the stop the stream of the thoughts, but instead to simply sit back and observe. Become the watcher. Notice thoughts without being attached to them. Any sensations or sounds that arise, simply observe them as well. Surrender to the present moment. Feel it fully. Meditation is about being, not doing. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be, exactly as you are now?

     There are numerous resources available to assist you in establishing a meditation practice. Perhaps do some research, and know that you start anytime! Now is perfect. You don’t have to be in full lotus position. You can sit in a chair with your spine straight and your feet on the floor. Or you can sit on the ground with some cushions in order to ensure that the spine is straight and the hips are comfortably above the knees, allowing the knees to point toward the floor. If you like, you can lie down to start. Allow the body to settle into the chosen position and allow it to become still. Take longer, deeper breaths into the abdomen, filling up the lungs fully and then releasing them fully. Then, bring your focus to one thing. It can be the breath, a sound, or a sensation, and allow yourself to be. Cultivate the perspective of the observer, and watch what happens. Start small, even just minutes a day, and set yourself up for a successful practice.

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