Flow with Life, Trust Your Intuition.

     There are often times in my life when things are magical, as if the Universe is working on my behalf behind the scenes, and asking me to show up with love. These are the times when synchronistic events occur effortlessly, without my ego bursting in, trying to control the outcome. The exact people I am supposed to meet and experiences I am supposed to have find me. In these times, life feels like I am flowing with grace, allowing myself to be gently guided, as if I am lazily floating down a river, just allowing the waters to guide me where they may. When I release my need to control events, the Universe gives me subtle hints to guide me to the right place at the right time. Things do not go according to my plan. When I am aligned with Universal Love, things go far better than I could have imagined or planned for. One example of when I allowed myself to be guided was when I followed my heart to Bali. There was an inner knowing that I had to see this beautiful island and lose myself in her lush tropical landscapes. I bought the airline tickets before my mind could think of reasons to stop me. I had no idea how I was going to get around in Bali. I did not make any plans, but I set the intention to follow my heart and I was guided to the most amazing friends and experiences, far beyond anything I had anticipated. Throughout my travels, I felt watched over, loved, and cared for. Everything was unfolding effortlessly, as I was guided here to there, manifesting my intention many times over. I was completely in the flow, operating from the heart space, the place of feeling and intuitive knowing


     When I resist or operate from fear and ego, things do not flow. It is like trying to swim against the current. Things are so much harder, but when I simply relax and allow myself to go in the direction of the water, it is no longer a struggle. Each day, I am practicing living from the heart space more and more. This requires me to constantly check in with my emotions, observing how I am feeling, whether it is happy and playful or irritated and annoyed. For me, flowing with life requires me to release my perception of time and be in the Now. In the present moment, there is no sense of time. For example, when I am in the flow of my yoga or hoop dancing practice, there is no passage of time, there is only the Now. I am constantly reminding myself, “Be here Now. There is no other place you can be.” Flowing with life is living from the heart space, honoring one’s intuition, and allowing magic to manifest with ease. It is fully aligning with the Universal source of Love and allowing oneself to be guided, moment to moment. Like floating down a lazy stream of water, floating along the Milky Way.



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