Going Your Own Way, Making Your Own Rules.

     Throughout my life, I have always tried to maintain a delicate balance between what I want, or what my heart is telling me, and what is expected of me from other people or society. Often I just did what others expected of me or what I thought would garner the most respect and recognition from others. I tried so hard to fit in, to like what other people liked, to just appear normal, even though I felt distinctly separate and fundamentally different. I wanted to be like everybody, anybody, except for my authentic self. Flitting around, from this group to that, from one interest to another, constantly seeking approval outside of myself in order to be accepted. This was my pattern of behavior for many years, and it perpetually kept me stuck, wildly unhappy, and unfulfilled because I was not accepting and embracing my unique self, my inner wisdom, and my creativity.

Doing what makes my spirit light up, and making my own rules along the way.

     At the present I am at an exciting time, for I have come to the realisation that these patterns of behavior have not worked for me in any way. With this loving awareness, I am changing my thoughts and my life, moment to moment, by allowing myself to be guided by my inner wisdom. I realised that even those with only the most loving intentions cannot accurately say what is the best course of action for me in any given situation. Only when I dig deep, go inward, and get still and silent within my being, can I begin to hear the guiding voice of my Higher Self. With this knowledge and self-awareness, I am empowered by everything.

     This is your call…to go your own way. Make your own rules, on your own terms. Do whatever it is that makes your spirit light up, and leave behind the rest. Leave behind the thoughts and opinions of others, for only you can choose the path of your heart.



  1. You’re super-special. I ❤ you! You’re very groovy, wise and good. I am trying to follow my bliss at present.

    Things have gone better than anticipated but have a lot of time on my hands right now as I ‘regroup’.

    I’m really enjoying your posts in the interim, Jade. Thanks a bunch!

    Hope you have a great day! 💋

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