The Answers are Within.

     In our physical reality, everything begins with thought, which is a powerful form of energy. Everything arises and manifests from thought. Therefore, it is essential to monitor our inner dialouge and become aware about how we are choosing to perceive the world. How are we speaking to ourselves in our mind? Are we judging ourselves, or others? In what ways we are empowering or disempowering ourselves in each and every situation? Do our thoughts make us feel strong, happy, and abundant, or do they make us feel powerless, victimised, or stuck? By simply becoming aware of the thoughts that arise, we can begin to feel if there are any negative thought loops that are being replayed and no longer serve our highest good. It is here where we can be empowered by the decision to actively eradicate the negative thought patterns of the mind, which seeks to analyze, judge, and logically rationalise our experience. However, it is the heart space that allows us to live from the present, to access our intuition, and to embrace our true, natural state of love. When we release our negative thoughts, we are creating space to align with the heart and live in a place of grace, ease, and synchronicity, where we access the flow of life. It is by living in alignment with the heart that we can embrace our power and work to fully express our creativity and love.

     This is a gentle reminder that the love, abundance, freedom, and bliss you seek is within, at all times. It can not and will not be found outside of yourself, ever. It is my hope that those reading this blog will not take my word for it. Perhaps something I have written here will awaken something within, something you already know, but just need a reminder to uncover. Religion and philosophy may provide a framework, yet true spiritual progress is done by dedicated self-inquiry and radical self-awareness. It is turning inward in order to connect with your Higher Self, the creative spark of Divine Love within. It requires shining a light on all of the dark corners of the mind, including those fearful or painful things we would rather keep hidden, covered in dust. It is only when these things come to the light that they can be released for good. This is a reminder to breathe deeply, meditate, watch the thoughts, and stay present. These are the first steps and they will not be easy. But the prize is freedom, total bliss and love, and living in alignment with the creative forces of the Universe. So go for it. And just keep going. Refuse to retreat when difficulties arise, and instead work through them. It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop. Believe. Believe. Believe.


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