Raise Your Vibration.

     In the Universe, nothing stays still, at least not for long. Energy is constantly growing, expanding, contracting, and moving. And so it is with us. We are constantly in a state of transformation, of evolution, of moving closer toward love if we so choose. We are expanding along with the Universe. In each moment, we are making choices that can bring us closer toward our goals. Thoughts are a form of energy and every thought we choose to think is powerful. So watch them. Take a time-out to check in with your Higher Self, honestly and without judgement. Are your thoughts aligned with love and what you truly want to manifest? Watching and becoming aware of the flow of thoughts is a constant practice. The Universe will reflect the energy of the mind in the physical reality and wherever energy flows, it expands. At times, I become aware of when I engage in the accerlerating downward spiral of self-defeating, negative, low-vibrational thoughts. Then, I practice making a critical, conscious decision, the decision to shift those thoughts back to love and positivity. I say to myself, “Wait. Stop. I am going to choose a new thought now.” I make the choice to think the complete opposite of the fearful, ego mind. It requires me to stop in my tracks, and to shut down a negative thought in progress. This is when the miracle occurs, when one shifts their thoughts back into alignment with love. And when this happens, it is a conscious shift and an energetic shift. Loving thoughts instantly raise your vibration. You can do this whenever you decide to acknowledge that a fear-based thought is not serving you, and choose a positive thought in its place.


     Try this meditation to powerfully raise your vibration and connect to your heart space. Sit still and silent, allowing the body to relax into its chosen position, and gently allow yourself to dwell in that serene, peaceful inner space. In this space of a calm mind, imagine that you and your dear loved ones are surrounded by a beautiful bubble of healing white light, where only love can exist within the bubble. Imagine the people in your life happy, peaceful, totally blissed out, and connected to their inner wisdom. If you are familiar with the chakra energy centers, visualise that each person’s chakras are bright and balanced. Perhaps imagine a bright light extending from the crown chakra upwards into the Universe, connecting each person with their Higher Self. Then extend that loving white light bubble to the entire planet, visualising Gaia immersed in the protective, healing energy of pure love. Emerge from this meditation in your own time and check in with how you feel. How has your energy shifted? Try dwelling in this loving space and see what comes up. Also, journaling and writing are powerful tools to raise your vibration. If you have any fears or worries, write it out, and work through it. Focus on your goals, where you want to be, and remain aware of your internal dialouge. Commit to raising your vibration each day, whether it’s by meditation, ecsatic dance, exercise, or blissing out in nature. There are so many ways to align with love. Just connect to the heart space.

Wishing you a light-filled day.



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  2. Love this one especially! I can totally resonate with everything you have said-this is awesomeness!! Whenever I am in a funk I always make a conscious effort to de-funk by changing my thoughts, therefore my feelings – and if things get a lot funkier then I just have to stop, drop and meditate and all is well in my world again!

    kathi-annetta <3

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