Forget the Law of Attraction, this is the Law of Awesome.

“Knowing that complacency does not breed the Awesome. You have to generate the life force yourself; that is the Law of Awesome. Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” – Mystic Medusa

     Our natural state is one of abundance, bliss, love, and joy. However, we are conditioned through a process of societal standards and expectations. We go through the system, learn what we need to learn from books, but nobody teaches us how powerfully creative and loving we truly are. If everybody realized their potential strength and power, it would be dangerous to those at the top who seek to keep society controlled. There are forces in place that do not want us to think outside the box, to play and laugh and reach for more, reach for the fullest expression of our inner strength. Because, if that were to happen, we would no longer be controlled by forces, any force, outside of ourselves. I believe this to be true, and this idea forces me to dig deeper, to look past impressions, to not believe everything that I have been told. These days, I question everything, including what society and those in power tell me, explicitly or implicitly, including even those stories I tell myself. Once one seeks to know the truth, there is no turning back. There is no choice but to continue on the path and to keep going until the truth is realized.

     The path of truth is not simple or without obstacles. It is the continuous, unrelenting move toward reality, and by reality, I mean that which is eternal. This physical reality is transient. It is impermanent, transitory, as a ripple in a stream of water or a gust of wind. It is here and it is gone in a flash. All of the experiences and emotions of my life have been here and then just as quickly as I felt them, gone. There is no time. There is only Now. This is the fleeting nature of life, as taught by the Buddha. And if one looks around, deeply, and is honest with oneself in the depth of one’s being, they too will feel this to be true. It is in this space of truth and honesty within one’s being that one realizes that they possess infinite inner power. This inner power, confidence, grace, and love will never come from any source outside of oneself. When one comes to this space of inner knowing, they can access the power of the Law of Awesome.

     The Law of Awesome, as I see it, is firstly to embrace life as it is now, in this moment. To be content with what one has now, to appreciate the love and abundance in one’s life. The Law of Awesome is to feel content with one’s life without a desire for it to be different in some way. With contentment, we can realize our inner power and take control of our lives. Things are not happening to us. We are not victims because we actively choose our experience. If you feel happy, content, and joyful, it is because you chose to feel that way, to think the thoughts and feel the emotions that bring you bliss. The Law of Awesome is to take control our lives by taking control of our thought patterns. It is actively participating in the unfolding of one’s life, not waiting for the Universe to bring us love, abundance, success, or acceptance, but to cultivate these qualities in our lives. We can do this by raising our Vibration, every day, in each moment. If a thought does not serve your evolution and transformation, actively change it. Choose a thought that is in alignment with who you want to be and who you truly are, love, truth, bliss, and abundance. This is an active practice. We do not passively wait by the side of the road and wait for the Universe to tell us it is time to proceed. No, we must make that decision ourselves and just go for it.

     Once you have made the decision to seek truth and to embrace the fullest expression of your true nature, there is no turning back. At that point, you have no choice but to Just Keep Going.

This is inspired by Mystic Medusa’s post, The Law of Awesome. Her blog is super informative, forward-thinking, positive, witty, and empowering. Her readers also connect, share, and build community in the comments. Can you tell I think she is a genius?

Also, I recently guest posted on Jenysha’s lovely blog, The Life Tourist. Check out which Aura Jade post she featured!


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  1. Aloha Aura Jade! I must say I am truly loving all your posts so far! They are such beautiful reminders that keep me in alignment with my truth : )
    Talking of my truth, feel free to check out my blog ‘Nurturing the Space in Between.’ : ) <3

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