Gypsy Heart and the Bliss of Traveling

    The past 6 months have been a whirlwind for me, filled with unexpected joys and magical experiences. I’ve had the lovely opportunity to travel to the far reaches of our beautiful planet. Now that I have returned home, albeit for a short time, I’ve been able to reflect on the extent to which I’ve been changed by these beautiful experiences, and what I have left to learn. Last February, I left for Melbourne, Australia with the intention to embark on a journey of self-exploration. I took risks, made connections with kindred spirits from all over the world, and opened my heart to be changed by each one of them. When I committed to being my authentic self and leaving behind fear, the Universe guided me to people I needed to meet. I was led to yoga ashrams, the mountains, the sea, the lush tropical landscapes of Bali. All along the way I was guided. I gave and received love intensely, and in the end, had to say goodbye to many loving spirits.

     I cried as I was in the airplane leaving Melbourne. I was sad in a way, but mostly I was happy that I got to experience so much love. It would have been far more painful to be attached to the past, so I let it all go in a huge bubble of light and gratitude. I allowed myself to flow with grace and be led wherever the Universe wanted me to go, with the full trust that I was being guided to those people and experiences which were in the Highest good for my evolution. My intention was manifested far beyond my wildest dreams. I am home and everything is just as I left it, yet I am the one who has changed. My room, my home, my surroundings, it is all so familiar, yet I feel like a new person. I’ve grown, expanded my mind, left behind outdated, limiting thoughts, and opened up to Universal Love. For this I am beyond grateful. I allow myself to accept the gifts the Universe has to share with me. As for the reader, you need not travel far to discover bliss and love. Affirm to be guided to new experiences and the Universe will conspire to manifest it in your life.

Surrender to the Universe, which is pure love, as are you. Believe that miracles occur naturally. Open your heart, take a risk, and you will absolutely be guided each step of the way.

Follow your Gypsy Heart.



  1. Again another beautiful post! Love your pictures too!

    Thank-you Aura Jade for your warm words on my first blog post : ) Glad you enjoyed it! I will hope to start the 30 day yoga and meditation challenge very soon! I would love it for you to check in now and then to follow my progress and maybe you could give me some more of your own insight and tips, especially if I’m flagging on the motivation front!haha!

    I see that you love to hula hoop – this is something I’ve just started up but at the moment I’m finding it a little hard to keep it going for long – any tips on this?

    Warm wishes,

    Kathi-Annetta <3 'Nurturing the Space in Between'

  2. Great to hear from you Kathi-Annetta. I will definitely follow your blog and see how your 30 day challenge is coming, I am sure you will feel a positive energetic shift by the end of it.
    Wow that is awesome that you are hula-hooping!! My advice is to find music that you love to move to and keep discovering new tunes to make it fun. Also, commit to getting inside your hoop each day or however often you can, even for a few minutes. Be gentle with yourself and try not to get frustrated, just enjoy the flow and have fun!! Take your hoops outside and discover some new hooping spots, I hooped in a rose garden at the park recently!

    :) Light &love, Aura Jade

    • Thanks for the hula-hooping tips Aura Jade! : )

      I will definitely give your tips ago, as I really want to master this fun art! My little boy loves watching me hula too, so that is always a good motivation! I think I will get him a ‘mini’ hula so I can teach him too!hehe!

      Connect with you soon,

      Love, light and many blessings to you!

      Kathi-Annetta <3

  3. Aura Jade,
    I was drawn to your blog somehow and by the mention of a Mermaid Aura. I also feel in my heart I have this aura and I am also an empath. I have a Moon in Pisces, Ascending Cancer, Sun in Capricorn…I was inspired to leave a comment because I too took a solo trip to Bali last year Feb-March 2012 for one month! I loved your photographs and smiled when I read about your impressions of Bali. It is truly a magical place! I would love to know more about the Mermaid Aurua…Thank you for this wonderful blog and sharing from your heart.

    • Hello Alicia. It is so nice to hear from you.

      It seems like you have much water in your chart and most likely have much water in your aura, which indicates the aura of a mermaid. I spoke with William Mistele, who wrote a lovely book that I recommend called “Undines, Lessons from the Realm of the Water Spirits.” He told me I have both the aura of a mermaid and a human, with my task being to be a bridge between the two worlds.
      I will surely be writing more about mermaids in particular, including their qualities of empathy and sensitivity, as protectors of the ocean and its plants and animals.
      Bali still captivates my heart and I am so happy whenever I think about it!! I was just thinking about re-visiting the topic of Bali in my posts, relating to the emergence of the Divine Feminine! I would love to hear more about your experience in Bali :)

      Thanks for reading!
      Aura Jade

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