Devotion to Bliss.

     Bliss is doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Bliss can be found in our everyday experience, such as taking beautiful walks in nature to get out of your head and into your body, appreciating the rich sensorial experience of birds chirping, small insects buzzing, the calm serenity of leaning against a tree and the sunshine softly warming your face. Noticing the smallest creature or the brightness of the sky or a fresh breeze of air on uncovered skin. This is the heart of Zen, to be fully present and to appreciate life as it is, without desire to change or control it in some way.

     Nature is grounding, healing, and balancing. Simply, it makes me happy and I am committing to spending more time outside and less time indoors. I can feel when my flow is off, and it is during those times when I neglect to fully commit to my yoga practice, or spend too much time inside dwelling in the dark corners of the mind. Getting grounded by yoga or spending time outside allows me to calibrate myself in a sense, to return to a space of balance and gratitude. When I feel off, or not in the flow of life, I don’t treat myself with the full love and attention I deserve, and that can quickly turn into a negative spiral of fear and self-criticism. When I devote myself to doing those things which light my spirit up, I feel lighter. I feel expansive, creative, energized, playful, joyful, connected, and completely blissed out.

Today, and every day, do whatever it is that allows you to bliss out.



  1. So true!

    Too much time in doors alone ‘thinking’ always sends my mind off on loop into the darkness! However, alone time doing soul nurturing things, such as; yoga, meditation, reading, writing etc always ignites my spirit and fills my mind with inspiration!

    It’s great to have this awareness, to know when you’re out of alignment with your truth and knowing what to do to get back into aligbnment with it! Such a blessing! :)

    K <3

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