Cosmic Goddesses Unite.

     Cosmic gypsy goddesses dream of the stars, the sky, la luna. They are aware that they are a part of a much larger whole. They too, move and flow with the planets, the constant ebbing and pulsing of the Universe. The same energy that permeates the entire cosmos is the same energy that pulses through their veins, their biofield. It can never be separated, but forever intertwined. These goddesses acknowledge they have a purpose here on Gaia, namely, to shine their light as bright as possible, just as the billions upon trillions of stars do. And like the stars, goddesses go through cycles of life, death, and transformation.

     Cosmic goddesses follow their hearts and sparkle and radiate love. They love with passion and intensity.  A love for life and all of its miracles. They express gratitude for the beautiful experiences that attract to them like magnets.  Synchronistic moments in time, a smile, a butterfly, a soulmate encounter. They allow their path to be illuminated with love, to be guided to exactly those experiences they need to evolve. They recognize that their life is a product of their co-creation with the Universe, and choose their thoughts accordingly. They commune with nature, walk by the ocean, smell the salty air, and feel the warm rays of sun. They breathe deep. They bliss out and play and love. They seize the moment. They celebrate their connection to the entire cosmos.



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