Clear Perception.

     I would like to share my journey to clear perception and truth. I gave up drinking and recreational drugs in an effort to discover my authentic self. I have come to the realization that my authentic self cannot handle any mind-altering substances of any form, which lower my vibrational frequency and send me in all kinds of crazy directions. I have Neptune prominently placed in my chart (Neptune square Sun & trine Venus) so it’s of utmost importance that I maintain clear boundaries, for Neptune rules fantasies, the subconscious, dreams, and altered states of consciousness, including drinking and drugs. Since I became more in alignment with who I really am, I feel happier and blissed out and peaceful. I am empowered because I no longer feel the need to find fun in a glass of alcohol or use it to de-stress. I no longer hide behind a substance to avoid feeling my emotions.

     Through this journey, I realized that I am here to fulfill a Divine purpose, my life mission, and to do so to the best of my ability, I need a clear mind. Clear perception. Truth. Anything mind-altering had to go. Also, this transformative process included releasing negative, limiting thoughts patterns that kept me stuck and small. This is surely an ongoing progress. These days, I say to myself, “Today, I choose to maintain a high, loving vibration.” I say this whenever I feel myself getting off track, indulging in a critical thought pattern, or engaging in an unhealthy action. Whatever does not contribute to my highest vibration, my highest energy, must be released. This is a continual process. It means getting up and doing the work instead of trying to distract myself with limiting thoughts. I tried to avoid feeling my emotions by overeating and obsessing about food. That did not work either. I realized it didn’t feel good to continually criticize myself. So instead, I choose a loving vibration that makes me feel good about myself. Those times when I am at my highest vibration, I naturally tune into my body and my emotions and give myself attention. I choose to pursue those things that bring me bliss and serenity.

Now go bliss out.


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