Staying Connected to Universal Love by Blissing Out!

     These days, I am in love with my spiritual journey. It is exciting and vibrant and unpredictable. I have no idea what is coming up next in life. All I can do is trust and affirm, “Yes, I am being Divinely guided each step of the way. I believe that I am on the right path at this time.” It can be difficult to put aside my ego and trust in something unseen, something mystical, unexplainable, unmeasurable. Surrendering to the flow of Universal Love is scary, but once I allow myself to be guided, nothing can stop me. What I have come to realize is that most of all, the fundamental thing that is blocking me from maintaining a high vibration and fulling my potential, my life mission, is my own limiting patterns of thought and behavior. These patterns arise when I lose trust and entertain fearful, self-destructive thoughts. Or when I choose low-vibrational foods that do not really make me feel good, but only serve to satisfy a delusional desire for a fleeting second in time. Sometimes, my ego goes wild with notions of incompetence, unworthiness, and separateness. Coming to terms with the existence of these patterns is the hardest of all, allowing them to come to the surface and be brought to the light of consciousness. However, once there, it is clear what the best course of action is for my Highest self, which is to always maintain the highest possible vibration I can, despite the situation.

     Devotion is to love your path, to be super, beyond excited to wake up every day, to dream, and play, and see what gifts the Universe will share. Devotion is taking your spiritual practice seriously, but not taking your ego seriously. It means laughing at the ego’s “Tiny Mad Idea,” the notion of separateness and fear. Part of my spiritual practice is to remain devoted to blissing out, to doing those things which bring me the greatest joy and positive vibes. I bliss out by practicing Reiki, a gentle, calming touch therapy, in which energy flows from Universal Source into my palms, washing my aura and energetic centers with peaceful energy. Reiki allows me to hold a larger container for energy, to help raise my vibration. Connecting with my body through creative dance and yoga is how I bliss out. I connect by feeling my bare feet and palms on the Earth, feeling the warm sunshine and cool autumn breeze on uncovered skin. I connect by dwelling in the serenity of my inner space through meditation, and long, deep, yogic breaths. By doing what makes me feel happy and connected, I raise my energy level. As I result, I discover that my low-vibrational patterns no longer resonate with me. And I can finally let them go.

Have a super fun day, smile, and bliss out!


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