How to Create a Shift in Perception.

     Creating a shift in perception is to change the thoughts that are not working for you, that are not productive or empowering. Checking in with the emotions is a super powerful way to see if your thoughts are serving you in any situation. Happy, positive, and high vibrational thoughts lift you up and make you feel good. Low-vibrational, fearful, and negative thoughts quite literally lower your energetic field. Check in with your emotions. Watch the thoughts and you will notice this to be true. Try it. You can create a shift in an instant. Simply think of something in your life that brings you great joy, that you are supremely grateful for. Think a positive, loving thought or express sincere thanks to the Universe. Hold a mental image or feeling in the mind, and notice how it raises your vibration.

     Throughout the day, I create a practice of saying to myself, “I choose to maintain a high, loving vibration.” This means that I no longer engage in negative thoughts or entertain crippling self-critical patterns. I made the choice that those thoughts were not true. They do not make me feel happy and empowered. Then, I created a shift in perception by making the conscious choice that I do not have time to engage in these thought patterns. That does not mean the negative thoughts do not come up. However, when they do, I can notice them and become fully aware that these thoughts do not make me feel happy and empowered. This is a practice in becoming the observer of the thoughts and practicing non-attachment. It is the realization and understanding that my true essence is not my thoughts. Fearful ideas lower my vibration. They hold me back, and by choosing new thoughts whenever the fearful ones bubble up, I shift into a loving vibration, where I can operate in my fullest potential.

     Have a lovely day and do something that makes you SHINE, BLISS OUT, and LOVE. Goodbye for now cosmic goddesses.


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