Cosmic Goddess: Beth Watson, Founder of Waves of Fire

     I would love to share with you the Cosmic Goddesses who inspire me and share their light with the world. These are the women who are connected to Spirit, embrace their inner power, and radiate love, peace, and authenticity. One of these lovely Cosmic Goddesses is Beth Watson. She is the creator and founder of Waves of Fire, an amazing non-profit organization dedicated to loving Gaia and helping Goddesses create change in the world by empowerment, passion, and love. She helps people connect with their angels and the Universal energies all around us. Beth has also created her own line of beautiful jewelry which embraces the vibrational healing qualities of crystals. Waves of Fire is a constantly evolving project that works with environmental organizations and Goddesses alike. Beth answered my questions about her project, what inspires her, and how connecting to nature raises her vibration.

Aura Jade: How did you come up with the idea for Waves of Fire?

Beth Watson: Waves of Fire has continually grown and evolved. Originally it was much different than you see it today. I started writing a business plan while still in school for it, and I intended it to be an events company that would specialize in conscious and creative gatherings for younger people – speakers, eco-friendly events – all centered around teaching and connecting with like minded people. Then I remembered that I was a homebody and only liked to go to events once in a while, so it quickly shifted. The crystals were the first actual piece of the puzzle to get started. I went on a trip to Central America (Costa Rica & Nicaragua) after my first crystal collection and got a lot of clarity about where I wanted to go. It’s been an ever evolving process, and as I unveil more and more of my intuitive abilities and passion for the angelic realm, and the ocean & earth, I continue to get inspired, and get more confident in my abilities and my right to change the planet for the better.

AJ: How do incorporate work with environmental non-profit organizations with your one-on-one coaching and intuitive sessions?

BW: 20% of all of my services & sales go into a fund that is directed to non-profits. I’m letting this grow and within the next couple of months, I will start my first major project with an inspiring and effective non-profit. How I envision the process now is that I will offer web-design, photography, branding & social media coaching to the non-profit in question, helping them to spread their reach, and appeal to the younger generation in a more profound way. My aim is to make environmental love “cool & trendy”, hooking the young folk, but inevitably introducing them into an authentic and important endeavor that fills the soul. The non-profit gets all my services for free, while I pay myself from the fund, giving myself much more of opportunity to commit fully to the project. My main interests right now are ocean protection, and animal safety, so that will likely be the area I work in first.

Beth loves angels, nature, crystals, and Gaia.

AJ: Who/What inspires Waves of Fire?

BW: The environment was my first biggest drive. Almost everything I do, I do knowing it will change the course of the lives of animals, plants, the ocean, and mother earth herself. I do this, some might say indirectly, but it is the best way I know how. Changing the lives of people, the ones with the power, for the better, empowering them, educating them, and inspiring them makes them better able to connect with their truth. And their truth respects and loves the planet, respects and loves their bodies, and this in turn, will change the course of our planet.

I’m inspired by Spirit. I’m inspired by beautiful film, photography – I’m inspired by beauty. Beauty drives me. I want to see it everywhere. Architecture, culture, food, gatherings, celebrations, when beauty – connecting to divinity – is infused in anything, it inspires me. India inspires me. So does sunshine, nature, the ocean, beautiful clothes, rain and wind storms, beeswax candles, homegrown food, interior design, Oprah, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Nisha Moodley.

AJ: How do you connect to your inner peace and your Higher Self?

BW: Simply going out in nature is the first step. Nature will do the work for you if you let it. Your job is to be open, to open your heart and mind, and to ask for help. Nature will do the rest.

I find that taking time for yourself is key. To release worry, stress, and the to-do list, and ask your heart what it really wants to do. It could be completely “unproductive” but it is important to do it. Read a book, have a bath, go for a walk, head to the library and explore, dance around your house. It sounds obvious, but how often do we just let everything go, and allow ourselves to be consumed by what we love? When we love life, it loves us back.

I also find that balancing the chakras through meditation & visualization has been of great help to me.

It’s important that everyone knows that they have deep and profound gifts, and that no one person is special. We all have equally important pieces to give. It’s important to know that you are here for a very important reason, and that you have all the support in the Universe to help you fulfill it. Just be open to it, as best you can, even if for a moment.

Beth’s beautiful hand-made crystal jewelry.

Thanks so much to Beth for answering these questions. This girl is rocking it. Connect with Waves of Fire and get inspired.

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