Breathe deeply. Live simply. Waste nothing.

     These days, I embrace a loving, empowering mindset. When the fears and limiting beliefs of my ego pop up, I say, “Thank you for the message, but I believe in miracles.” Then I move on, acting, thinking, and feeling in alignment with my inner guide. Surrendering negativity, time and time again, allows me to remain focused on what I want my life to be like. I want my life to be filled with joy, bliss, smiles, laughter, and peace. I want to shine my light brightly, to share my truth, to inspire others to discover their own peace and bliss. Allowing myself to be guided to the people and experiences my Higher Self needs to evolve, to fully step into my power.

     To be spiritually guided in each moment is possible with intention and devotion. I am constructing my life to be conducive to maintaining the highest possible vibration and fulfilling my path. Each moment, I make this happen by doing what I love and giving these things more prominence in my life. Yoga is not a hobby on the side anymore; it is my lifestyle. I live, breathe, and move in alignment with my path. I consciously seek out experiences that allow to grow and to connect with like-minded spirits.

     This is my mantra: Breathe deeply. Live simply. Waste nothing.



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