Gaia Meditation.

     I would love to share a simple, powerful meditation, keeping in mind that our thoughts are energy, which can be directed any way we so choose. Take some deep breaths, guiding the breath down into the abdomen, allowing the lungs to fill up fully from the bottom, exhaling completely to the bottom of the lungs. Guide your consciousness into a deep, serene meditative space. Cultivating the observer mode, the no-mind, the gap, where we can observe our inner commentary in a detached manner. This is when we notice what is going on in our minds, but choose not to get sucked into the endless stream of thoughts. Simply watching, observing, but not judging.

     Next, imagine the Earth in your mind’s eye or in your heart. Imagine her shining, radiating a beautiful light, surrounded by your loving intention. Beam your healing love vibes to Gaia and focus on your intention. Thoughts are energy, which can be directed to heal our beautiful Gaia, and restore her to peace, balance, and joy. Imagine or feel that you are rooted to the Earth and connected to her core, her heart. Observe how this practice makes you feel, reconnecting with the breath, and know that this powerful meditation can be done at any time.

Gaia needs your healing love vibes! Have a lovely day.



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