Trusting the Path & going for it.

     The energies around us are shifting all the time. I am feeling this in my life lately, the urge to evolve, to express my creative side fully, and to see everything with a positive perspective. I am becoming more comfortable with who I am. Through the study of astrology, I am learning to accept myself fully by acknowledging and bringing light to the depths of my being. This is a process of self-healing, of getting rid of what not longer serves me so that I may give myself permission to shine. Looking at my natal chart is like peeking at a miniscule snapshot of the Universe the moment I was born. It is unique and complex, filled with various energies and aspects of my being. Astrology is one of many tools that allows me to look deeply into my soul and to accept the mission I am here to fulfill. Every aspect of my astrological make-up can be seen in an empowering and positive way if I choose. My natal chart is a guide that gives me more clarity about my personality, spirit, and natural aptitudes, as well as which realms of life I am pulled to. Ultimately, I get to choose my path.

     The path of evolution requires sincere and deep self-inquiry. What makes you shine and bliss out? What are you naturally talented at? The things in life we are drawn to are subtle hints, guiding us to where we are supposed to be in order to share our light fully with the world. When we suppress our natural talents and inclinations, we are not being authentic and we cannot shine. Right now, give yourself permission to fully shine, without fear, without the limitations of the mind. Know and feel that no matter what happens, you are always guided to exactly those experiences you need to evolve and to be the best possible version of yourself.

     I refuse to sell myself short this time around. I will be doing you and myself a grave disservice if I don’t follow the path before me. I have no choice but to fully step into my power and share infinite love and peace with the Universe. The alternative is no longer a viable option.

And so it is.


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