Love, Intention, Inspiration.

    As I explore the path before me, I realize that the best thing we can do to serve the Universe is to maintain the highest, most loving vibrational energy possible in order to inspire others to find their light. This is our highest mission, to bring infinite love and peace to Gaia. She needs our healing energies and so do the people around us. When we love ourselves and do the deep inner work that allows us to release our fear and negativity, we are effectively changing not only our vibration, but the vibration of the environment around us. Our path of self-healing can change the world.

    I have heard it said that once we increase our vibration, our energetic field acts somewhat like a cosmic filter, transmuting the negativity around us into positivity, if we maintain that high vibration. People can feel the energy in the room shift when somebody walks in or something is going on. What does it mean to be vibrating at a high frequency? Check in with the emotions and how you are feeling. When you are feeling inspired, expansive, loving, peaceful, creative, and gracious, you are flowing with life and vibrating in accordance with love. Negative emotions vibrate at a slower, denser frequency. They feel heavy and dark and not so good. Love is light, and your intention can shift your energy into alignment with that frequency. Feel where you are at now, and realize that your intention can powerfully shift your energy. At all times, you choose your vibration because you are responsible for what you think and how you feel.

    When we choose to operate solely from a place of love, we can inspire many people around us. The most magical thing is that we cannot be exactly sure of how much our energy can inspire and uplift others. You give somebody a loving smile and change their whole day, and you had no idea that your simple act of compassion could have a massive effect. Just by being yourself, you can shine and transmit a message of love that can make somebody want to change their life. I aspire to shine and sparkle and show others that it is necessary to embrace and express your authentic self, because the Universe needs all of us to awaken to our true nature, a state of love.

Rethink what you believe is possible for yourself and the world.



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