Let your inner child play.

     I would like to go more in-depth into a topic I mentioned in my previous blog post: the importance of connecting with your inner child. Sometimes, life appears to be more serious than it really is. We get caught up in the endless cycle of work, the tedious nature of mundane day to day tasks. Yet, we can create our lives to be filled with blissful experiences, laughter, and play by bringing the joy of our inner child into our day. When I am connected to my inner child, I allow myself to dance freely, to talk to trees, to sing and laugh and smile. When I was little, my favorite thing to do was dance. I would play an Aqua tape on my little cassette player and create dance routines all around the house. I would make my own dance recitals and ask my parents and grandpa to watch me. I pretended to be a ballerina. I had so much fun. Today, I can reconnect to that inner space of freedom and grace through dance.

     Find what makes you light up, perhaps it is something you loved to do as a child. Climb a tree, walk around outside, and sit down in a field, playing with blades of grass and flower petals. Walk into a forest and imagine yourself entering a fairy playground. Whisper hello to the fairies and they will hear you. Talk to the trees and send them loving intention. I received a mental image recently during my yoga practice. As I was standing, I imagined the roots of the trees burrowing deep into the ground, solid and stable, while at the same time reaching high for the sky. We can do the same, remaining connected to Gaia as we reach for the cosmos, to embody the best possible version of ourselves. By bringing the playfulness and grace of our inner child into our daily experience, we can feel more balanced and fulfilled.

What does your inner child love to do?



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