Quiet the mind and connect to the heart.

     Becoming aware in our day to day lives is not easy, at first, but it is rewarding. As our awareness increases, we can look at how our past thoughts and actions have manifested our present reality. We can acknowledge how far we’ve come on our path and look to the future with the inner knowing that we are being divinely guided each step of the way. Nothing is a mistake or an accident. Every relationship, every experience, and every obstacle is an opportunity for us to surrender what is no longer serving us and choose to align with our inner wisdom. Know and believe that you are always in exactly the right place at the right time. Even when pain, fear, or difficulties arise, know that you are always on the path and you are always guided.

     In my practice, I am trying to get out of my mind and into my heart. My mind is forever buzzing. The mind wants to distract me and take me away from the present moment. Sometimes I just want to turn it off. I quiet the mind through physical exercise and reconnecting with the breath. Yoga and hooping allow me to get back into my body, and ecstatic dance feels so amazing because it allows me to connect with my inner child. During my yoga practice, the mind wants to lead me away from what I am doing. When I practice, and when I do anything, I need to be fully present. I say to the mind before commencing my yoga practice, “during the next hour a half, the ego mind will take a backseat.” I make the mind go sit in a corner. I allow my true self to come forward, where there is little thinking, only full presence and consciousness. When I quiet the mind enough to reach the center of my true self, I feel peaceful. There is a beautiful, expansive feeling of serenity and well-being. Everything is perfect as it is right now.

     The heart is the center of our true selves and the heart will never lead you astray. I have a daily practice of trusting my heart more and more. The mind wants to dominate, but I am not my mind. Choose not to view your thoughts as your true self. They are not who you are. Cultivate the perspective of the observer, watching the mind. When a thought or feeling arises, do not attach yourself to it. Take a step away and simply watch the thought or emotion. Through the practice of observing the thoughts, you will begin to realize that the thoughts are not who you are. Consciously choose to align with your heart space, and allow yourself to be guided to wherever you may. You can do this by quieting the mind and getting into a space of deep relaxation, peace, and stillness. Also, do something that allows you to connect with your inner child. Be happy, playful, and joyful. Be silly and fun. Smile. Laugh at yourself.

Sending you light & love.


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