Identifying with awareness instead of the ego is a difficult practice that leads to freedom from the limitations of the mind. The ego wants to calculate, analyze, and logically understand everything. We need the ego to survive, but it serves a limited purpose. Often, the ego takes us out of the present moment and sends us off in endless future planning or attachment to past events. By doing so, the ego prevents us from embracing the peace, abundance, and limitlessness of the here and Now. Happiness and contentment is not something to chase after or plan for, but something to be realized in the present moment. Let go and surrender the ego’s will. Realize that time does not exist in a rigid linear framework, as the ego contends. Awareness only operates in the present. It is limitless, serene, and blissful. It is the light of truth. Awareness embodies a space of love. The only moment you will ever have is Now and in the Now, you are limitless, abundant, infinitely loved and supported.

     A deep, enduring satisfaction with oneself can only come from within. I found this out through my personal experience. This concept became lucidly clear only after I attracted situations into my life that forced me to turn inward. Nothing in the physical reality could ever satisfy me because unlimited desire arises from the ego. The ego can never be satisfied. It wants more and more. Nothing is enough and yet, it will attempt to limit me, to keep me stuck, small, and fearful. Once I had enough of the ego’s ridiculous crap, I just had to let it go. I could no longer go on feeling fundamentally discontented whenever I compared myself to another or desired something that I did not have. Only by bringing myself back to the Now and expressing gratitude for the love and abundance around me was I able to find the source of true happiness. This path is a daily practice of remembering that love, peace, and bliss is here Now and not something that I might have in the future. Still, the ego holds on, grasping, attaching, desiring more, and feeling that no matter what, it is never enough. By connecting with awareness, I can observe the ego’s will and realize that I am not my thoughts. They are a part of me but they are not my true essence.

     Take some deep, smooth breaths, filling your entire body with the essence of love. As the mind begins to still, the ego can take a backseat to consciousness and serenity. Lovingly dwell in your heart space, the seat of your true essence. Know that you are not the mind, that the ego’s thoughts are not who you are, that you can choose to come back to the present. Bring awareness into every aspect of your life by creating a separation between the ego’s thoughts and consciousness.



  1. I am planning to read it! I’ve read Pantajali and some Buddhist texts which discuss the ego & the misunderstanding of it. Have a great day, I hope you enjoyed the powerful Eclipse :)

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