Creating New Paradigms of Thought & Action.

     We are here now, post-12/21/12, the date that warranted attention in our collective mind. We did not know what to expect or what would happen. In this new era, will we choose fear and programming, or love, compassion, and infinite abundance? As always, the choice is yours, now.


     For me, December 21, 2012 was not a large, life-altering event, but a subtle internal shift. I took the time to listen to my body and my inner wisdom. My heart is guiding me, softly and surely, in the direction I need to go. Most importantly, I gave myself the space and freedom to process the internal shifts that were occurring in my experience. I sought solace in my practice of yoga, dance, and meditation in order to remain present and mindful. Also, personal free writing allowed my mind to further process and integrate feeling of activation and evolution. During this awakening journey, I realized that I am already well on my path. My inner knowing expressed that there is no need to worry about how everything is going to work out. All I need to focus on is maintaining the highest possible vibration of love, acceptance, and non-judgement in order to heal others and myself. My job here is to shine a light on my own outdated paradigms of fearful thoughts and limiting beliefs about myself and the world. Worrying about the violence, injustice, and turmoil on Gaia will not heal her. Instead, she can be healed if we maintain inner peace and actively work toward manifesting that in our outer reality. The shift is possible in each moment, and it requires only our will. The shift can occur in an instant if we so choose.

     My vision for this new era is an Earth characterized by peace, happiness, camaraderie, and the spiritual upliftment of all beings. I believe it is possible and I believe that we all play an integral role in manifesting this reality. The process is already in motion; this is glaringly obvious. Those who are stuck in the old paradigms of fear and control will have a difficult time, but again, one can choose in an instant to align with the higher reality of truth. I envision a world where others acknowledge and embrace the spiritual nature of all beings, and see one another as dear friends instead of enemies. Gaia will soon embrace the realization of infinite abundance and happiness. I am here to raise the vibration of the planet by being positive, happy, and peaceful within my own being. I shine a light on the darkness, recognize the pain and fear that still permeates parts of my psyche. I am not pretending it does not exist. It does and I acknowledge it, and ultimately, I let it go because it no longer serves me.

     In order to create new paradigms of thought and action, we must choose to see how our fearful ways of being have kept us small and stuck. We can step into the fullest expression of our creativity, love, and power. The world needs us to share and shine and love without attachment. I am here to support and love and inspire you on this path. We are all on this journey as one.

And so it is.



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