Miracle Mindset & Manifestation.

     Today I was inspired watching videos from Gabrielle Bernstein chatting about her new book, May Cause Miracles. She is one of the leaders and authors who served as the catalyst for my awakening process. Her words spoke to me directly. She made me consciously realize the truth I was hesitant to accept: that I have full control over my life, how I feel, what I create, and how I react to perceived challenges and obstacles. This process required me to take responsibility for my thoughts, words, and actions, and how they affect others. Freedom from fear and limitation necessitates a deep inquiry into how the ego has projected its own fears upon one’s circumstances.


     When I hear negative and limiting messages, either from myself or others, I choose to make a quick shift to a miracle mindset. First, I become aware of the judgmental or fearful thought. Then, I say, “Thank you, ego (or whoever), but I believe in miracles.” It is that simple. I say it out loud or in my head. It only requires a genuine change of perspective that occurs in an instant. It requires an openness to change and taking responsibility for one’s thoughts and feelings, without judgement. Feeling stuck or limited does not feel good. Hanging out in a space of creativity, wonder, playfulness, and bliss feels amazing and expansive. I choose to operate from a space of limitless abundance, bliss, and trust in myself. Yes, it is difficult and I have fears that pop into my mind. Awareness can shift these negative thoughts to a miracle mindset.

     I believe in miracles. I believe in abundance. I believe in sharing and loving and fully accepting others as they are, now. I believe in being gentle and honest with oneself during this process, and choosing to practice compassion, acceptance, and non-judgment. Also, I choose to breathe deeply when a judgmental or negative feeling arises, and shift into a miracle mindset. From this space of love and present moment awareness, manifestation can occur because the mind and energy is free of fear, worry, and future tripping. Breathe deep. Love more. Cultivate peace in your inner world and manifest peace in your outer reality.

I love you.

Watch Gabrielle Bernstein here.



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