Be your bliss.

     I often write about blissing out and following your bliss. Recently, I listened to a video blog that made me look at this concept differently. What if it is not about following your bliss, but being your bliss and fully embodying it? This means doing what makes you happy, what makes you light up. It does not mean, however, grasping or yearning for something outside of yourself. Bliss is not a state of judgement or attachment or yearning for the future. Rather, bliss and peace characterize an internal state of being that is independent of outside circumstances. When we place our expectations on something or someone outside of ourselves, we are setting up the conditions for disappointment and pain because we are looking to an external source for happiness, and whatever it may be, it can be taken away at any moment. Being your bliss means embracing the light of your heart, the source of infinite creativity, light, love, compassion, stillness, and peace. It requires transcending the ego mind, which is based on time, space, duality (i.e. separateness), personality, and the “what’s in it for me?” mentality. Being your bliss requires you to step beyond the ego mind to a space of inner peace and full present moment awareness. Bliss means coming into direct contact with unity consciousness and the realization that everything is interconnected. It means releasing the ego’s thoughts of duality, fear, and lack in order to directly experience abundance, gratitude, and love that is beyond space or time.


     To be your bliss is to choose to see all of the events in your life with a positive, loving, and truthful perspective. It may not be easy, but when we choose to shift to a miracle mindset, we begin to act from a space of love and compassion that can only be accessed in the present moment. In the here and now, there is no room for fear, pain, or worry. Take a deep breath and realize that dwelling on the past or future tripping does little, save to bring us out of the now. Make the conscious choice to shift to a loving perspective in order to truly embrace the peace within. Seek solitude and inner tranquility, and bring that feeling into everything that you do. In order to create peace, we must embody peace. We are peace.


Take a peek at the video blog by Kosta Yoga.
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ॐ I love you ॐ


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