Showing up, every day.

     Changing our programmed thoughts and behaviors is a process that requires active work every single day. If you are trying to get better at something or release a pattern that no longer serves your highest good, you can’t take a day off. When it comes to shifting patterns of thought and action, this is not a quick fix. It requires a shift of perspective that can occur in an instant, yet there is no getting around the long, hard work of manifesting a new reality. The Universe will present us with obstacles in the form of difficult relationships or scenarios as a testing ground of sorts. How do we choose to show up in the light of painful or troubling situations? Will we choose to shy away or do anything to avoid looking at the problem? Or will we shine the light of truth and awareness on the obstacle? When we show up with clarity and a loving perspective, it ceases to be a problem, and transforms into an opportunity for us to complete the hard work we are meant to do.

star nebula

     Growth and change is not especially easy or pain-free. However, when we simply show up with awareness and stay in the present moment, we choose to see things differently. We choose to release the bonds and folly of our limited ways of thinking. We are telling the Universe that we are ready for change and we are ready to embrace a new perspective of viewing the world, our relationships, and the context of our lives. True power is derived from being devoted to our path and not shying away from things we perceive as troubling or difficult. Nothing worth having is easy to obtain. This is the truth as I see it.

ॐ Namaste ॐ


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