Play, dream, receive.

     Play is a state of effortless grace, ease, joy, and present moment awareness. When we are fully immersed in the Now, the passage of time cannot be discerned and its rigid boundaries begin to melt away. To play is to not take oneself so seriously. When I was little, I spent hours upon hours in my room, playing with dolls, coloring, reading, and dreaming of magical lands. I would go outside and play with my neighbors in the sunshine. We could jump, shout and explore the trees in the backyard. We would run, draw all over the ground with chalk, play tag, pick flowers, and find little creatures in the forest. Laying on the lush grass, we stared at the expanse of the sky and watched the clouds drift along, finding shapes and animals in their soft edges. 


     It is necessary and important to give ourselves the time and space to play. It’s about nurturing and loving our inner child that wishes to be acknowledged instead of suppressed  Let yourself be silly. Let yourself dream. Go out into a wide open field and spin in circles until you get dizzy and fall down. Roll down a hill. Hug a tree. Connect to the greater earth that surrounds you, loves you, sustains you. 

     Allow yourself to play. Allow yourself to dream audacious dreams. And allow yourself to receive the infinite love and abundance that is forever present if we choose to turn our awareness toward it. 




Pictures taken by Aura Jade.


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