You belong where you feel free.

     I adore discovering the flow of creative ideas in art, in nature, and in my relationships with others. A few moons ago, I sent my intention to the Universe to connect with like-minded spirits and an active community of beautiful souls that I could be a part of. My manifesting process included visualizing what I wanted to bring into my physical reality. I focused on the feelings that I wanted to evoke within my friendships, namely, creativity, self-expression, bliss, love, and harmony. I set my intention by writing it down and I surrendered the outcome to the Universe. Set it and forget it, and let the magic unfold its in own time. The ultimate secret is having full trust in one’s inner guide and the loving forces of universal consciousness to manifest one’s dream reality. 

Aura Jade from Free People

     During my recent manifestation process, my relationships with others are blossoming, nurturing, and characterized by peace, harmony, joy, sharing, and creative exchange. At last, I put myself out there with complete faith that my dreams would be manifested in divine time. A quote from a Course in Miracles accurately describes this process,

Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.

     When I trust that I am divinely guided, I can relax and surrender my will to my higher self. It feels amazing to not worry about the details of how everything will ultimately turn out. If I try to control and manipulate things, I am effectively blocking the manifestation process. Instead, I allow myself to be supported and to be guided to the perfect people and situations I need to evolve and practice infinite love and compassion. Each and every relationship is an opportunity to be fully present, awake, and aware. Our relationships are the greatest places to practice non-judgement, unconditional acceptance, and loving kindness. The Universe is asking you to show up and be present. Also, the Universe will never give you anything you cannot handle. Ask yourself how you can be more present in all of the experiences in each moment. Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and inner wisdom.

     Believe and trust that the Universe will give you everything you need, including the experiences and challenges required for growth and expansion. Above all, actively seek those experiences you need to evolve. The Universe rewards those who take action and risks in order to grow. It requires stepping out on a limb with perfect trust in yourself and in the loving, guiding forces all around you. Everything is an oppurtunity to love more and to shine more and to share more.

Where in your life can you love more, shine more, share more? 

Picture from BLDG 25, the Free People blog.


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