Shine and Share.

     How can you be even more awesome, amazing, and radically authentic? It comes down to filling your days with what makes you shine, those things that ignite your creativity and connect you to the infinite Now.

Picture taken by Aura Jade in Japantown, San Francisco, California.

     There are mundane responsibilities we need to attend to, schedules, deadlines. Despite the hectic energy of trying to get ahead and stay ahead, I take the pressure off of myself to meet other’s expectations. I choose to be gentle and honest with myself about my goals and what I want to work toward. My vision becomes super clear when I write it all down. I have lists and lists of audacious dreams, creative projects, and things I want to get better at. Shining my light is one of the main things I am focused on this year. To me it means being who I am at all times and releasing the old thought paradigms of trying to fit into a box based on perceived expectations of others. I realized that the expectations that others hold for me are thoughts that I constructed in my mind. They are not real. I don’t have to live up to what others want or what society tells me I should want. It’s not going to work because it does not feel authentic. When I connect to my intuition, I know the truth, even if my logical mind cannot rationalize it.

     This is a call to you to shine and to share your love with the Universe. It is an endeavor of awareness, growth, and metamorphosis. It is not easy. It will not be without challenges. But it will be worth it. Stepping into your power and taking responsibility for your evolution is difficult but rewarding beyond comprehension. It is an ongoing process that continues infinitely, so be infinite. I believe in you.

Picture taken by Aura Jade in Japantown, San Francisco, California.


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