Zen Mondays

My blog will feature new posts called Zen Mondays, where I will share a little tip to bring more peace into your daily life. These ideas will be connected to mindfulness, meditation, and yogic practices to help you navigate your day with a serene mindset.

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This Monday’s tip is to have tea time. The winter is a beautiful time to enjoy a piping hot cup of your favorite tea and have a moment of quiet reflection in your day. Tea time can be in the morning when you first rise or a break in the middle of the afternoon. I love having tea because it is so healthy and warming. It also serves as an opportunity to practice mindfulness because I can simply focus on what I am doing in the present moment, brewing a pot of tea. I practice immersing myself in the present moment because is nothing I can do to make the water boil faster. I can just be here, Now.

tea aura jade

My favorite kinds of tea include:
– Jasmine
– Earl Gray
– Green & White tea
– Lavender
– Chamomile

I hope this Zen Monday you give yourself a lovely morning routine to begin your day.

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