DIY ~ Feather Earrings

For this DIY, I will show you how to make Feather Earrings!

You will need:
~ Feathers of different colors and shapes
~ seed beads
~ thin .07mm string
~ thin wire
~ earring hooks
~ pliers
~ crimp beads

aura jade diy feather earrings

     First, lay out which feathers and beads you will use. Coordinate colors by using similar shades and complementary tones. Or just go totally random rainbow with the beads. Sometimes it is better when it is totally spontaneous and not planned at all.
     String the beads and tie a knot at both ends. Lay the string next to the feathers you want to use. Lay the feathers on top of each other and shape them. Put the string and the ends of the feather inside the crimp bead and use the pliers to crimp it into place. Then take a piece of thin shapeable wire and begin to wrap it around the feathers above the crimp bead. Wrap the wire around several times and then attach it to the earring hook. Make sure it is secure by trimming the extra wire and using the pliers to shape it into place.

Then you are done! This is my finished project.

aura jade diy thursdays feather earrings seed beads

Have fun trying this with different feathers & beads.

Pictures by Aura Jade.


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