Harmony in Relationships.

Each friendship and relationship is an opportunity to love and accept others unconditionally. People come into our lives to teach us something and to reflect parts of ourself. Something to keep in mind is our experience is a mirror reflecting our internal state. How we feel on the inside is often projected on our relationships with others. An empowering practice to bring harmony into all of your relationships is to make the choice to see the spark of light in others as a reflection of that same light within you. Unconditional love and acceptance feels supportive in our relationships because it gives people permission to fully express who they are without fear of being judged or condemned. It also allows us to accept others as they are and heal our own anxieties around relationships.


Harmony in all of our relationships begins with the willingness to look past superficial differences and acknowledge the similarities we all share. We are all beings of light who deserve to be loved, cherished, and supported in all ways. Sometimes we need a reminder because we forget this eternal truth. Deep introspection and meditation allows you to reconnect with that part of you that intuitively understands the loving nature of reality and sees the light in all people and experiences. It is helpful to cultivate a daily routine of self-love and extend loving-kindness to ourselves before we share it with others. My devotional practice of meditation, yoga, and dance help me connect to my internal wisdom. When I extend loving-kindess to myself, I feel so amazing and high-vibrational. I share that energy with others when I smile, laugh, dance, and connect with my amazing friends and family.

Sending you much love.


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