Radical Self-Expression

aura jade radical self love and self expression

One of the principles of Burning Man is Radical Self-Expression, which “arises from the unique gifts of the individual.” This is a powerful concept in itself. I wonder what the world would be like if all of us were no longer bounded by societal norms and pressures to conform. I am imagining a world in which everybody feels safe, supported and loved, so they can leave behind all fears associated with fully expressing their authentic self. Radical Self-Expression is connected to Radical Self-Love. All of us create the meaning of these ideas that personally resonates with us.

To embody Radical Self-Expression is to fully accept and love ourselves as we are now, and to depend on our inner strength and resiliency to share all facets of our being with others. The world needs us to shine and share our love without fear of rejection or condemnation. In this moment, we can choose freedom by acknowledging the thoughts and anxieties around Radical Self-Expression. Next, we can bring the light of consciousness to these fears through meditation, journaling, and cultivating the mindset of the observer, the silent witness. Here, we realize that these fears may be unfounded. The truth is we will always be loved and supported by extending unconditional acceptance to ourselves and others. Giving others permission to fully express their authenticity allows you to express yourself to the fullest capacity.

I practice Radical Self-Expression by being gentle and honest with myself, including my desires. I give myself the space I need to meditate, be still, and connect to my inner self, where I am constantly refilled and refreshed with infinite love. Radical Self-Expression is finding a safe and supportive atmosphere to shine my heart brightly. I express myself through ecstatic dance, losing myself in the rotation of the hoop and the flow of yoga. Another way for me to express myself without words is by being vulnerable and allowing others to see me as I am. Looking at somebody deeply in their eyes and smiling is a way to be vulnerable. I also establish connections by extending full love and acceptance to others.

Think of a way that you can bring Radical Self-Expression into your life and make it happen! It starts with loving-kindness, acceptance, and consciousness. Vulnerability is part of it so allow yourself to be vulnerable, with the knowledge that you will be supported and accepted.

Shine On.



  1. I completely felt this during this past weekend! I spent four blissed out days on the north shore for Wanderlust Festival. It was this incredible energy of vulnerable souls just shining love and pure joy. Releasing, letting go, breaking down, finding hope, reaching out for help and finding nothing but acceptance. Shine sista!

    • That sounds so amazing and lovely. Festivals are such a great place to find kindred spirits and express yourself fully! The energy at Wanderlust seems beyond cosmic. I would love to go sometime soon.

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