Perpetual Transition.

Every moment and experience is an opportunity to awaken to our infinite potential. When we spend time in nature or dwell within the solitude of the still mind, we begin to realize the nature of reality. Our hearts open and we allow our experiences to penetrate and shatter our conceived notions of what our existence is all about. Most people do not wander far enough into their being to realize the truth of their own divine nature. It is difficult. It not a quick-fix, but a devotional, life-long path of metamorphosis. It is challenging and uncomfortable to bring our unconscious patterns to the conscious mind. Growth and transformation require us to be flexible and open enough to move beyond what we believe is possible.

galaxy centarus aura jade cosmic goddess

To be on the spiritual path is to be in a state of perpetual transition. Everything is moving, shifting, and transforming, from the cellular level to the greater cosmos. The illusion of permanence is the greatest cause of our suffering and turmoil. When we realize for ourselves that everything is in a constant state of change, we can release our attachments to relationships, experiences, and the accumulation of material possessions. We realize that these things were never ours to begin with, and we are no longer sad or upset when they are taken away. Everything in the physical world may appear permanent, unchangeable, eternal. This understanding is a fatal flaw and the source of immense suffering when our attachments are taken from our hands. A romantic relationship or a fulfilling job ends. An era of our life is over, and it is gone forever. The key is to accept things as they are, and to look deeper into what we believe to be true. Everything feels like it will be here forever, but what we discover at a subtle level is that the material world is not predictable or permanent. It is a mere illusion, like a dream. Therefore, when we grasp on to things that appear to be real, we are devastated when they change.

Align with cosmic energy that is in an eternal state of change. Stay flexible, open, and grounded in your inner wisdom. Believe and trust that everything will turn out exactly as it should. We don’t have to be attached to our experience. We can learn to watch life as it comes, goes, and changes. We can be the witness, the conscious mind which is reflected in the outer 3-D reality. Nothing can stay the same forever. When we can inquire into the true nature of reality, we can shine a light on the cause of our suffering.


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