Mermaid Metamorphosis.

The months of 2013 have been filled with love, friendship, creativity, art, and compassion. I have been devoted to my daily yoga practice, which has opened up my body and heart. Each pose is slowly becoming stronger and more flexible. My amazing, talented friends and boyfriend inspire me each day. I feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually fulfilled because I am listening to my body and authentically expressing myself with others. My connections with friends are sweet, heartfelt, gentle, loving, and fun. I adore dancing with my friends to great music, hooping, enjoying ourselves. I love smiling, laughing, and playing with my boyfriend. He is absolutely amazing, unconditionally supportive, and loving.

Lately I have been honing my healing, intuitive, and psychic capabilities. I have been trying my best to honor myself and help everybody around me. My life is better when I give selflessly and share my love with others, including my love of yoga, hoop dance, and healing. I am also exploring my creative abilities connected to writing, photography, graphic design, art, and dance. Self-education and spiritual growth are my goals now, as well as cultivating my love-filled relationships. I see the people around me and closest to me as my greatest teachers. I learn something new from each person and every experience. Expressing gratitude for the love in my life allows me to remain in a high vibration.


During the past few months, I realized that my purpose in life is to generate as much love and light as possible by holding space, being the container for love. Life is a creation, a unique expression of the universal consciousness, one love. At this time, the earth needs goddesses to ground the energy of the Divine Feminine. The world is largely ruled by the masculine energies, such as in our work, education, and governmental organizations. These days, more and more people are awakening to the notion that both masculine and feminine energies exist in all things and in all ways of being. The purpose is to achieve balance, harmony, and flowing energy between the two. I invite others to explore the essence of the Divine Feminine in ways that speak to them, like yoga, hooping, and connecting to nature. My embodiment of the mermaid energy is a way to ground the essence of the Divine Feminine and awaken that energy in the goddesses around me.

The study of tantra and sexual energy is another component to the balance of feminine and masculine. Embodying the grace of the Divine Feminine is to dissolve all boundaries between you and another, like fulling accepting your lover for their true essence. When I connect to my lover, I am sweet, gentle, and flowing like water. I dissolve into him and fill him up with love. In him arms, I breathe deeply into him and feel his breath flow into mine. I am beyond happy to have him in my life and love him unconditionally. Our love for each other overflows into our friendships and inspires others to share their light.


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