Connecting to the Divine Feminine.

The essence of the Divine Feminine is the embodiment of creativity and infinite loving-kindness extended to all beings. It is pure love. The unification of the feminine with the masculine is the ultimate power of creation, and the feminine holds the space for this union to occur. There is power in passivity, sensitivity, sensuality, and grace. There is a time for the expansive engagement of the world through the masculine energies, as well as slower, gentler times of retreating and turning inward. I invite you to dwell deeply in the realm of the conscious, open heart, and see what desires lie dormant there. Shine the light of consciousness on your desires and allow them to blossom into manifestation. The mind exists to bring these heart-felt desires into form through action.

 aura jade flowers in hair

Connect to the Goddess energy within that beckons you to hear the sweet, still voice of the heart. It does not speak in words or logical thoughts, but in gentle impressions, emotions, and feelings of knowing. You don’t know why, but you just know. Listen to the voice of the heart as it speaks through dreams, desires, and expansive feelings. Play in nature, sing, dance, and do whatever it is that makes you lose track of time, that allows you to fully embody your joy.

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